The Truth About detox thc In 5 Minutes [Updated 2018]

How to Detox THC -Marijuana is probably the most widely used drugs in a majority of the united states, primarily popular young adults as well as others of all ages. How to Detox THC is so important in order to keep the lifestyle which we all enjoy . That is if you want to keep your job or get a new one.No other drug that has been used or has spanned several generation like Marijuana and no other will. Since it is available almost in any small town across the U.S. Despite the influx of other illicit drugs marijuana is still the number one used today. With Marijuana now being legalized in Colorado and Washington it is enjoyed now more than ever.

Tetrahydrocannabinol detox thcor better known as THC

is an identified dynamic toxin that you can find in pot. It is categorized as neurotic, or in layman term, a toxic substance that give us the “high”. Aside from this, THC could also behave like a virus, capable of changing , which mean it has mutation capabilities.  How to detox THC can be very challenging to achieve since the
are quickly absorbed in your bodies fat cells and hair follicles and can eventually break down and causes the detrimental body toxins to leak directly into blood stream. This is the reason this is why smoker’s who use on a regular basis have a harder time in removing the THC from their system , But you can still pass a drug test. Don’t worry we will get to the how to detox THC. As I said the THC is stored in the bodies fat cells. This doesn’t mean an over weight person can store more THC than a skinny one.  When you take a hit the THC goes straight to your brain. After then into the blood stream,kidneys then out.What is THC  an abbreviation for  Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the substance present in marijuana, is an active ingredient in cannabis.  A “drug test” doesn’t look for Marijuana in your test it checks for marijuana metabolite.

The most important thing you can do right now. If you smoke and you are employed or going to be looking for a job. Is to order a at home self test kit  and find out how long it take your body to detox THC. This way you will know how long you need to get clean. Try different ways to detox and find out what detox kits works for you.

Types of Drug Test for THC

Most of us know what kind of drug test we will be taking in advance unless you are a new hire. Either way it is in your best interest to find find out what kind of test you will taking in advance. Most employers will even give a warning to upcoming drug test. This is where you need to start your how to detox THC plan.

1.Urine Test

how to detox thc from urineThis would be the  preferred kind of test used by most employers due to it has the lowest cost per use.A urine test can detect marijuana.It detects the presence of the marijuana metabolite called as “THC-COOH” not THC. The effects of smoking just one joint  can remain in your  body  for at least one week or longer. It is estimated that there are over 60 million drug test given each year. Which 50 million will be urine test.The urine drug test is just not catching chronic drug users.It is mostly used for screening potential employees and those already on the job.A single joint can be detected by a typical urine test for 1-6 days drug testing for thcbased the size and the type and strength of the weed ingested.As for the amount smoked, your bodies metabolism rate will all so play a part in how fast the THC leaves your system.If you smoke on a  daily or several times a week it could show up in your system for 10-30 days dependent upon the same factors listed above. Lower levels o f Marijuana  do stay in our bodies for longer than 30 days, but appear unlikely to result in a positive test due to cutoff levels. This time period depends on numerous factors which are characteristics that are individual to everyone, and possibly the most significant are the metabolic rate, age, your system index and a lot more. Getting in a THC drug test at home requires no special medical training or whatever skills and it is basically as simple to use and read as a pregnancy test. Many individuals do not know this but the main compound that is detected with a Marijuana drug test is really kept in fat cells and that is why you should never assume you’re in the clear, because again it differs from individual to individual. Pass Urine Drug Test with Testclear.com

Palo Azul Kidney Wood Blue Stick Detox

 Palo azul tea is made from the Eysenhardtia polystachya herb, more commonly known as kidney wood or palo azul, which is Spanish for “blue stick.” This plant contains the flavonoids coatline A and coatline B. Other phytochemical contents of the palo azul herb include a cholesterol-like plant sterol known as beta sitosterol, a bicylic ketone that smells like vanilla. It is also an effective kidney flush.

urine levels of Marijuana <a id=

Rule of thumb- 30 days  is about as far out as a urine test will be able to detect for a moderate user.

2.Hair Test

also see – Hair Test for Weed how far back can they check  or Hair Drug Test with Testclear.com

doctor testing sampleTraditional methods of drug testing are not going to provide information on a very long period of time. For example, with urine most drugs are only detectable for a few days after their use. While there are some drugs that could be detected past this time frame, it is possible which the drug would pass out of the body quickly and be undetected by the test. While quite a few companies combat this by getting employees get the test within 24 or 48 hours it is still not foolproof. In comparison, a hair drug test is going to provide a 90 day history of the applicant’s drug behavior. This can be tested with 1.5 inches of hair. It is undoubtedly astounding that the hairs on this head hold a lot information. While head hair is preferable, it is even possible for hair on other areas of the body for use. It can be remarkable that this information and facts is simply hidden inside the follicles of our hair and could be pulled out at any time. A hair drug test screens for the same drugs that a urination test screens for. Whenever the lab tests for drugs through this method they would typically remove about 40-50 strands. Thisweed street may seem to be a lot but it is really a small amount of hair. A hair test is usually one of the most expensive way to test you or potential employees for use of marijuana. This is why most implore stay away from because of the high costs. Best be shipped off to third-party usually takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. And as I’ve said before in past you are worth or no contest to going to take or if you know someone who works there asked them what kind of test you will be taking. And by all means don’t shave your head or dying your hair. This would be a direct admission of pure guilty. Hair strand testing notices the presence drug metabolites which may have passively diffused out of your blood stream towards the base of the hair follicle. Critics of the method rightly debate that is biased. Since grey hair metabolites than normally colored hair. While studies have revealed that pot metabolites don’t bind well enough to hair in comparison with other drugs l cocaine. periodic weed usage may go undetected on any hair test. the latest research also suggests that exposure to high humidity will easily breakdown marijuana metabolite levels within the hair of heavier smokers, increasing the probability of causing a negative result. But there is good news in case you have a hair test coming up.Ultra clean shampoo  and Purifier contains Aloe Vera to help condition both the hair and scalp while the penetrating cleansing agents remove impurities.

3. Saliva test/ Cotton Swab Drug Test

This guy does have a few good points on how to pass a cotton swab drug test.

Pass Saliva Drug Test with Testclear.com.Casual testing by oral by most employers. The saliva or speed test usually consist of very long Q-tip like, while that is you you scrape the inside of your mouth in order to get a sample.It  will be the most effective typemouth swab for thc of testing for illicit drug use as a random test provides the test subject little time or situation to evade the test process. Saliva based tests are perfect for random drug testing. They’re immediate, lower cost involved,effortless to manage, and not as invasive as other ways of testing that involve urine, blood or hair sampling. Here are the detection times for a saliva test based marijuana and other drugs  test. The system depending on how many times you partake in smoking a week will also increase your detection times : To be able to diminish the of this particular type of substance abuse, the are actually quite a lot of supplements that are available in the market today, such as detoxifying drinks and detox pills. However, there are a few natural remedies readily available for people who would want to get rid of the toxins in your system. THC detox home remedies would include drinking a lot of cranberry juice and water and at the same time undertake some strenuous physical activities to sweat out other toxins that might be still in the human body. You can also try Clear Choice Detox Oral Clear Gum  it is a saliva neutralizing Gum.

1. Marijuana -from one to 24 hours

2. Cocaine- from the moment taken  to 72 hours

3. Opiates such as heroin: From ingestion to 72 hours

4. Methamphetamine and ecstasy: From ingestion to 96 hours

5. Benzodiazepines: From ingestion to 72 hours

6. Amphetamines: Immediately

7. Phencyclidine (PCP): Immediately

Consider this:

A. There are a number of drugs that aren’t revealed with saliva tests.

B. The DOT program of federally mandated drug tests has not accepted saliva testing.

C. Bio-Hazard little warning: as with all bodily fluids, attention should be taken to handle the saliva sample with care even though saliva is not considered a biohazard unless it is tainted with blood. D. Saliva based testing cannot reveal long-term drug testing. For this reason, a lot of employers are beginning to make use of added testing for illicit drug use formats in addition to oral drug testing.

How To Pass a Cotton Swab Drug Test

Brush your teeth 3 times a day every day concentrating on the gum line and between the teeth . Then rinsing with Listerine . On the morning of your test  do the routine  and rinsing a lot with water all the way to work. Mouthwash is optional. This would help in covering the smell of Listerine.
A cotton swab drug test is really only for a employer to see if you are fit for work the day of your test. It is not a drug test to determine if you have done any in the past. I forgot to mention. Stop smoking at least 48 hours before your drug test!

4. The Blood Test

blood test for thcI hate needles. Most  of us will never be given a Blood Drug Test and if you are getting one there is not really anything you can do to help better your odds of passing . Blood test are generally only given to high profile, investigations of accidents and  dangerous jobs. They are also the most important test give, Which makes them out of the question for most employers. If you use it  regularly it will show up from 2 to seven days.


From California Norml.org
25 frequent users, 36% showed no measurable blood THC throughout 7 days of abstinence, while the rest had at least one positive, though not necessarily on the first day. Six subjects (24%) had detectable blood THC after seven days at levels ranging from 0.2 to 1.5 ng/ml (that is, 0.4 to 3.0 ng/ml in serum)


Blood plasma levels of THC & Metabolite

 How to Detox THC from Your System

You need at the minimum of 72 hours to have a good chance to pass, but I will say this. Time id your best friend right now. Delay,delay,delay every minute you can. The longer the better. Just don’t make it look obvious . And the 72 hours is a rough guideline. This would be the optimal conditions and metabolism.


smoking weedTo be able to diminish the THC, the are actually quite a lot of THC detox supplements that are available in the market today, such as detoxifying drinks and detox pills on how to detox THC. However, I really don’t think any of them work. At least they have not for me. If you know of any that actually do, let me know. there are a few natural remedies readily available for people who would want to get rid of the toxins in your system. THC detox home remedies would include drinking a lot of cranberry juice and water and at the same time undertake some strenuous physical activities to sweat out other toxins that might be still in the human body.For example, a few smokers which have an extremely high metabolism level will eliminate any traces of the drug in about 7 days, even if a person by using a slow metabolism that smokes or consumes this plant in an other way is required to wait a couple of weeks until they can completely be free of almost any traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol. In an effort to attain an estimate with regard to all of your detection period it’s possible to perform THC drug test many times and compare the outcomes, given without a doubt which you take in the same quantities. The simplest method to purchase find Marijuana drug test and THC drug test kits is by using the internet. There are numerous online stores where you are able to have this kinds of product and the majority of offer discounts for purchasers buying multiple products.

Marijuana jointHow to Pass a Drug Test Home Remedies

need help-Drug Test got you worried? more info here Pass Hair Drug Test with Testclear.

Best case, you will have three days to prepare for. Don’t use tap water. Only filtered or bottled water. Tap water has to many heavy metals that the thc could bind to.As soon as you find out a drug test you need to start immediately.That means no more weed.  I hope you know ahead of time what and when your test will be. For a person of average weight and smoke on occasion. Also if you a high metabolism and are active .You should pass a piss test in one to three days.With that said you should be able to factor in your own body type to get your own timeline. Time is the only known true detox thc. If there’s anyway to delay your drug test do it. The more time you have the better off you are. Don’t think in days or hours.  Wait until the last possible minute.


chronic users were tested at 20 ng/ml and 100 ng/ml, but not at the normal standard of 50 ng/ml.
photo credits-http://www.canorml.org/

Is Cranberry juice good for drug test?

1. First you need to dilute your sample Increase your daily Fluid intake. You need to drink 12 bottles of water a day or more if you  drink on average of 6 on a normal day.. go up to twelve. Also add 4 quart bottles of cranberry juice . At least two bottles per day. The cranberry juice will help flush out your kidneys and make you piss like a racehorse. Thats is what you need to do. Piss as much as you can. By drinking so much fluid your piss will become clear. Mix in some Gatorade to. Your will need to replace the electrolytes from drinking so much water. This is also creates a problem. If you dilute your sample you will fail your drug test by default. The sample you give will not look like it has been tampered with,thus you fail.

Understand that THC can not be flushed from your system by drinking  fluids of any amount. THC is stored in the fat cells. In addition your sample may fail if it appears that is has been tamper with (clear as a tap water ) from dilution.

2.You need to grab some  B12 vitamins . You can also eat a big steak the night before. The steak and the B12 are  creatine. It will help to put the color back in  your urine.The day of your test Take a B12 or B-complex to add color to your urine. Since the extra water intake will make it run clear. Clear pee sends a warning flag. Take between 50 and 100 milligrams first thing the morning of your test.

3. Since the THC is stored in the fat cells , you wanted to burn as many calories as I could. You want your body to use the fat stored in it. Not adding more to it. You will need to get on a mostly high fiber diet . (hate healthy crap)  For breakfast, lunch and dinner have a huge glass of apple cider vinegar you can see it here,some health food stores carry it. Bragg’s brand is by far the best or the cranberry juice.  You need the amino acids.  To help burn fat and all veggies high in fiber. Eat only vegetables that are high in high antioxidant. Like potatoes, Blackberries,broccoli and mostly with green leaf veggies. Red meat will also aid in restoring the color to your pee after all of the water.

4. Sweat by exercise. Force the body to use available fuel inside it. By sweating to help remove as many contaminants as possible . Go to the gym or walk or run if possible. You just need to sweat it out. No one know if this help expels the thc from the fat cells but it don’t think it hurt either.

5. On the last on the day,the day of your test keep drinking the water and cranberry juice . As much as you can. Get up very early and go to the bathroom two or three times before you get to work. We are looking to get the weakest sample possible.

6. For the test itself.  While you are taking the test get the sample from the end of your stream. Start- stop- sample. finish

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How others have Detoxed Thc

From Ann: Hi Mike,
Here’s the update so I had the first test I woke up at like 230am I drink a whole bottle of pure life bottle water went back to sleep then woke up at 5:00am drink about 28 oz if cranberry, 28 oz of powerade and another bottle water took the first test at 9:00am then was told it was too diluted. OMG I was scared to death oh mind you I also drank 16 oz of starbucks coffee. So the next test was 48 hours later. The night before I ate a steak rare and about 8 pieces of asparagus and took 4 cranberry pills and 4 aspirin. I had the test at 9:00am I got up and drank one bottle of pure life water, one small glass of cranberry and 32 oz of powerade I pissed three times before I went..I got up at 5:00am and started the process. I was praying it didn’t come back diluted… Well I passed!!! say after 30 days of not smoking and I was a heavy toker! Thanks Mike for the support.. Keep in mind throughout the time before the first test I took niacin daily, b12 and multi vitamins and four cranberry pills and drank water and cranberry I did two of my last days before the first test drinking braggs Apple cider vinegar mixed two tablespoons and a lil cranberry juice it worked! I hope this helps someone else:)

The Last Resort when all else fails


at home test

I have seen guys walk off the job refusing to take a test in order not to have failed a drug test. But if you give a reference they will call your former employer. So do what is right for you. No matter what we think or do drug test are here to stay. We just need to find better ways to work around them. I have said my part now its your turn. How did you beat your drug test and how to Detox THC. You need to stop smoking for 30 days for your body to naturally detox THC. Keep that in mind when looking for a new job. If you don’t think you will pass-walk away. Not taking a drug test is better than failing one. I would also recommend getting a home test kit.

Best way to pass a urine test on short notice

1_day_detox_programTry Drug Test with Detoxification Solutions by  Testclear. They have been helping people pass drug test for over 7 years. They must be doing something right.

From their website:
Passing drug tests have never been so easy with our drug testing products. We believe that people should get jobs based on their education, knowledge, and skills instead of their bodily fluids. Passing a drug test doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. It seems like everyone has a ‘Magic’ way to pass a drug test. You are forewarned that there is a lot of bogus information on how a person can pass a drug test. Please call one of drug testing advisers for straight talk about how you can pass a drug test. The call is free and no cost to you.
Check them out at Drug Test with Testclear .These guys have you covered. They also have a database of companies of drug test.

I hate to sound like an infomercial with all this shameless promotion, but they have bailed my tail out more than once and saved my job. For that I am very grateful. Also there has never been anyone since 2014/07/18 the day I started this site say one bad thing about Testclear.com!. Not one person has said there product failed to help them pass a drug test.
So you can either drink a boat load of water and cranberry juice. Workout out like hell or try one of their kits. It is a lot easier than finding a new job.

If you have your own thc detox plan or have passed a drug test for weed by your own accord. We would like to hear from you, so it can be shared with everyone. You can do this leaving it in the comment section or by using the contact  page. Either way works. We will publish them on a Resource page as soon as we have a few.   Help us to help others. Thanks
If you have a question ,just leave it in the comment section below.