Best Detox for THC

Best Detox for THCBest Detox for THC.Here is what we know for sure THC is held in your body. It can remain in different places for up to 90 days.THC  attach itself to fat cells in the body. That is where and why it is able to remain for so long.. It is going to be found in pee, blood, and hair. For normal tests that you take, like one for a new job or from a suspicious boss. A standard  THC detox will work as long as you have taken it the recommended days before your test. Because THC is additionally stored in hair follicles, a traditional THC detox will not work. Especially with girls due to the fact that their hair is so long, they might not realize that their head is a weed smoking calendar. They can analyse your hair and find out how many times you have smoked. Really would not matter after they found one,but they could find how many times a person has smoked . If you aren’t able to just shave your head, then getting a THC shampoo can remove the weed residue from our scalp. The shaving your head thing would also throw up a huge red flag. This would go for shaving off all body hair as well. A buddy of mine did this and it didn’t go well. He reminded me of an olympic swimmer, all aero dynamic. I did find this on Reddit where a guy claims that he used vinegar and Clean & Clear Astringent to pass a hair test.

Best Detox for THC

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In the case you are in need of the best detox for thc that will flush the chemical from your body fast, then the traditional water and cranberry juice thc detox will not work for you.
Pretty much every person who is looking for best detox for thc is wanting to flush it outside of the system well before they have to take a THC test.
One of the best bit of information you ought to know, is that those 24 hr THC detox drinks don’t in fact flush THC from your body. They mask the traces of your last session from the tests so you appear to be your clean. Don’t think that because you took that THC drink detox that you are actually very clean yet end up taking another test in say one week or two, since you will test positive. It is only good for a range of hours before it is ineffective.

Among the Best Detox for THC techniques that actually eliminate the chemical from your own body and urine will be detox kits . Like those offered by- Test Clear and their Drug Test with Detoxification Solutions They’re really a synthesis of an herbal blend that mask thc from any drug test you would be taking. The time frame for the THC to get rid of of your is mostly about 7 days give or take 2 days depending on the product you choose.
Another method on how to detox thc  is to drink a lot of water, followed by a smaller a portion of cranberry juice( as mentioned here). Time frame for this is certainly not exactly a fact, however the last time i had to detox it took me close to a week to get clean.
The very last way is removing THC from your hair with shampoo. This isn’t the average shampoo you find in markets. It is going to cost a decent amount, but it should get results. Besides cutting your hair off, this is the only method. I can’t recommend any kind of shampoo. I have not tried any and I just don’t think they work. If you know of any feel free to prove me wrong. I would love to be able to add this to my emergency “oh shit” plan.
If you’re about to be tested for THC and if you test positive, ultimate consequences will come, you then should use the fail safe method. Which would be fake piss. I’ll get into that later.

 Don’t Wait before it’s too Late!!!

opiate_drug_test_10_medBe Ready for your next drug test or as my last last boss used to say “pop quiz did you study for your test”. The best way for you to know what is the best detox for you is simple. Try one as a self test at home to see what works for you. Like the one I did or one of the detox drinks. This is what I intend to do. I have yet to try any of the drinks ,but It would beat the hell out of drinking to butt load of water and cranberry juice. The only other item you need are test strips. You can get a single panel test kit pack of ten for less than eight dollars.

I have said my part on The Best Detox for THC. Now it is your turn. I would love to hear any other ways you have gotten clean and the products that work. Just drop me a line in the comment box below and I will do the rest.



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