Hair Follicle Test for THC – Here is What You didn’t Know

Hair follicle test for thc drug use is a good way to detect about whether or not you have used weed or others during the past ninety days. Whether with in your workplace or in your home, hair drug testing serves the purpose of answering questions about an individual’s drug use history.

hair follicle test for thc

hair follicle test for thc is really fairly simple and merely needs sample of hair in order to be finished. Your boss or boss to beat are worried about their teens use of drugs can collect a strand of hair from the top of your head. This would be an advantage if you have gone bald already.It would definitely make it harder on the test giver.Employers can request a sample from their employees. Once a hair sample has been collected, it is sealed inside an envelope and sent to a participating laboratory for completion. Hair testing is fast and a lot more accurate compared to other drug test forms and it is also the most expensive.

Ultra Clean Purifying ShampooIn particular, hair follicle test for thc can detect drug use throughout 3 months after use. The exposure window is far larger in hair drug testing (contrast it to few days for urine and saliva based drug testing) because trace amounts of drug chemicals become trapped inside each hair. A simple lab test can detect these trace chemicals making for either a positive or negative test result. As soon as the results are recorded, you are sent notification of one’s results. Some companies even provide a telephone service where you might call in, enter your free account number and retrieve the results in that way.

What sorts of Drugs Can Hair Drug Testing Detect?

How Does hair follicle test for thc testing Work?

hair follicle test for thc testing can detect all of main types of drugs-including marijuana, opiates, ecstasy, and cocaine.A Hair follicle drug testing can detect the trace amounts of illicit substances trapped in the cortex of one’s hair for up to 90 days after use.

hair test for weedEmployee drug testing programs often integrate hair follicle drug testing into the plans due to sheer accuracy of these tests Mostly for new hire positions. Also if you are suspected of drug use or you really pissed off your boss. Regardless of the fact that hair testing is more expensive that a urine drug test kit, by way of example, they can provide a level of accuracy that is nearly ten times that of other testing methods. Likewise, hair follicle drug testing does not involve the embarrassing collection of samples like that of urine or saliva drug tests. A single strand of hair is all that is needed to acquire accurate results.

Parents can also take pleasure in hair follicle test for thc. Hair testing is discrete and confidential. You may be asked to  be tested without the knowledge, making it so parents can know things to know about their teen drug use first before making accusations. If you do live at home keep your hair brush clean and always flush the commode. By using hair test drug testing in the house, parents can safeguard their teens against drug abuse, and help them quit the abuse should test results come back positive.Hope you have found hair follicle test for thc information useful.

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