Hair Test for Weed how far back can they check

Hair test for weed would be a nightmare in the event you have smoked one or two and you need to pass a hair test for weed .It’s not  impossible to pass or at least fool the test. Unless you plan to shave your head, which would be a dead give away. No bleach, hair dye or magic shampoo will certainly “detox the thc” from your hair.

THC is actually a cannabinoid compound and it has a special quality which serves it directly gets connected to the CB1 receptors in the brain of a human being. After getting connected these imitate organic endo-cannabinoids that are produced within the brain. The most important difference lies in the speed along with effects. Due to the reason that the natural ones act at lower speed with less efficiency. Whereas they have very high speed of action with extremely powerful effects

hhair test for weedHair test for weed

is really testing the hair follicle. A hair follicle test among them improves whether or not you have smoked marijuana or even have consumed alcohol last 90 days. Just by getting a small sample of your hair a technician can determine whether or not you have used marijuana.  Unlike urine alcohol testing that may only prove whether or not you have smoked weed within a minimal time frame of approximately a week. Hair test for weed can give information that exposes all the things you have consumed from food to absorbed chemicals as far back as 12 months ago. Using specialized equipment that reveals all. Now that’s a scary thought right there.

Employers who used urine weed testing battled with significant dilution hindrances affecting the test results and of course the possibility of contamination . Sometimes dealing with someone who made “a switch” of clean urine. From somebody else. By using a hair test for weed is all but eliminates chance of using a sample from someone else.

A hair test weed is not mainly used by most employers. Due to the high cost. Most hair follicle test are used for mostly new hires and employees who they strongly believe are using marijuana. Your involved is not going to send you out a hair test for weed less he suspects that you are using.


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