How long does weed stay in Urine

How long does weed stay in UrineHow long does weed stay in Urine .There are several ways of testing for traces of weed marijuana or weed in a person’s system. Evidence of weed consumption can be detected in the blood, saliva, hair, sweat, urine, etc. Perhaps the most common methods is via urine tests. Since this is the most popular type of test, people always want to know how long weed stays in urine. This article will answer this in detail. We will tell you how urine tests work and inform you of factors that can influence their detection of weed in your urine. We will also provide researched estimates of how long weed lasts, and provide you with methods that could reduce this time frame. After reading this, you would have a comprehensive answer to the question – how long does weed stay in urine?

What does a urine test look for?

There is an active ingredient that will be introduced into your blood stream after smoking weed or marijuana. This ingredient – THC – is responsible for the high experienced after smoking weed. Weed tests typically check for levels of this substance in the blood stream. Whilst, marijuana or weed contains hundreds of chemicals, THC is the psychoactive ingredient in this drug.

Urine tests do not actually check for levels of THC in the blood stream, unlike several other drug tests. Urine tests check for a metabolite that is formed after the THC in the bloodstream has been filtered by the liver. This metabolite is known as THC-COOH and is stored in the fatty tissues in the body.

How long does weed stay in Urine?

THC-COOH is usually taken up by the fatty tissues in the body. The fat in the lungs, kidney, liver and heart are all able to store this chemicals. People with more body fat may readily store THC-COOH, compared to people with lesser body fats. Overtime, tiny amounts of stored THC-COOH are released into the bloodstream and are flushed away in urine, sweat and other excrement.

The overall process of this takes time and this is why people often fail drug tests weeks or months after smoking weed. However, the length of time varies by individuals and is dependent on several other factors.

Factors that can influence how long weed can stay in the urine

·How long does weed stay in Urine Potency of weed: The potency of the weed smoked goes a long way in answering the question – how long does weed stay in urine. If you are smoking a very concentrated weed, that will mean more THC. This means that you will accumulate more metabolites in your system, leading to a longer time required to eliminate them from your system.

· Method of Consumption: The method by which weed is consumed affects how long it stays in urine. There are several methods of consuming weed – Some people smoke weed, some ingest it directly, etc. If you smoke weed, the level of THC in your blood stream tends to drop faster, unlike if you ingest it directly.

· Frequency and duration of consumption: This perhaps the most important factor that determines the answer to the question- how long does weed stay in urine. If you smoke weed very frequently, probably several times a week, then you will be accumulating more metabolites than someone who does not smoke weed frequently. Duration here refers to how long you have been smoking weed for. People who have been smoking weed for years will have more metabolites already stored in their body, unlike recent smokers.

· Body Metabolism rate: This factor is a key determinant of how long weed can stay in the urine for. Different individuals have different metabolism rates. A fast metabolism rate will mean that your body will be able to get rid of more metabolites within a short period of time. Body metabolism rate is a genetic property that almost cannot be altered.

· Body weight and fat: People who have more body fat and body weight will be able to store and accumulate more metabolites than people with lesser fat. Remember that metabolites are usually stored in fat tissues, so this means that someone who is fat will have metabolites last in his body for long. However, someone who does not possess so much body fat will be able to easily get rid of metabolites.

· Other supplements and drugs taken by individual: Certain drugs and supplements can affect the rate at which metabolites are released from fat tissues. Healthy diets can also help flush out toxins, including THC, from your body at a fast rate.

So how long does weed stay in Urine?

Given the many factors that determine the rate of the removal of THC from your system, it is almost impossible to bring out the exact duration for which weed stays in the urine. However, research performed by the NDIC has provided a rough guide based on various consumption styles and rates. Here it is:

· After using weed for the first time ever, it will stay for about 5-8 days.

· If you smoke weed about 2-4 times a week and then stop, the THC will last for 11-18 days

· If you smoke about 5-6 times a week, it can stay in your urine for up to 33-48 days

· If you smoke every day or if you are a medical cannabis patient, you will test positive for 49-63 days.

What are some ways to reduce how long weed stays in urine?

· Exercise: Exercising can be a good way to reduce the length of time for which weed stays in the urine. Exercise is known to increase the rate at which metabolism occurs, helping your body get rid of THC more quickly.

· Urine Dilution (Drink Water): Drinking plenty water can help dilute your urine and make sure the metabolized THC is watered down. This method has not been explicitly confirmed, but it is definitely worth a try.


Many people always ask the question – how long does weed stay in urine? There are several factors that determine the answer to this question, as this article has explained. But as you can see, anyone hoping to successfully pass a urine drug test may have to wait for a few weeks to get clean.

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