How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Hair

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your HairHow Long Does Weed Stay in Your Hair.It is for different reasons that one has to test the hair for any pieces of evidence of Marijuana. In many cases, the routine tests such as blood, sputum, as well as urine tests do not show any usage of the drug in the recent past. Hair follicular tests for the existence of marijuana are expensive procedures that scare away most people who might have wanted to do it. Researchers claim that marijuana stays longer in the hair than any other part of the body. How long does weed stay in your hair? Well, in most cases one cannot deduce the period. The existence of weed in one’s hair depends on a lot of factors such as the length of the time the user smoked marijuana and even the presence of any detoxifier in the body.

The presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is an active ingredient in marijuana, definitely tells that one has been a user in the recent past. Although this element can be found in other samples from the body, that can only be immediately after use. Once one smokes weed, it is absorbed into tissues that maintain the effect of the drug long after use. The hair follicle seems to be a tissue with high affinity for the ingredient.

History of the marijuana hair test

Questions of how long does weed stay in the hair are not new, for this reason, the hair test for marijuana were conducted back before even the urine and blood tests simply to cure curiosity. The tests were standard in that only 1.5 inches of the hair was often taken as a sample, the hair usually tested was the end of the strands, and this provided the history of usage on non-usage for the past three months.

How long does weed stay in your hair?

The tissues responsible for the growth of the hair are the follicles once they absorb the THC metabolite they carry them to the hair on any part of your body. It will be OK to say that the more one uses the weed the hair keeps a super record, by not only showing that one is a user but by also revealing their pattern of use. The drug test is here to stay, with the widespread use of narcotics the employers are now pressing more than ever to make sure that no one sets their feet in their offices with any record of drug use and abuse. The average hair growth is usually about 0.5 inches in a month, 1.5 inches of the hair is often tested, a positive result is just but evidence that one has used the drug in the last three months!. It is, however, scary to know that about 99% of the hair follicular tests for weed usually turn positive!

How to pass weed test

If you are wondering how long does weed stay in your hair, then it is definitely time to take a step and rule out all the possibilities of its existence. Experts say that an immediate detoxification will render the marijuana in your blood powerless. It doesn’t really count that one has stopped smoking, as long as the weed is in your blood system you will be shocked how long it will take to get rid of it. It is simply hard to wean marijuana off your hair completely and elsewhere in the body. Most individuals, however, trust that washing their hair a couple of times will certainly get rid of the weed in the follicular tissue. In most if not all instances this is not the case at all. If one is obsessed with getting rid of weed present in the hair then cutting it to bald is the best alternative. Thanks to technology conventional shampoos can completely erase the presence of the drug use in one’s hair although just to say that this kind of a procedure might cost you an arm and a leg altogether!.

How about abstinence? Does it have any effect on how long weed stays in your hair? In most cases, one is advised to take a hundred and ten days or more off the drug. One might argue that after abstaining for 110 days, their next test will be negative results. Cleansing off the drug using herbal supplements is an excellent idea since the blood and urine are not only cleansed but also detoxified of any traces of marijuana. Cleansing of the blood and urine usually takes about 4-7 days depending on the amount of toxins one might have accumulated in their system.

What about your body hair? Can it be tested for weed?

In most instances, the scalp hair is the Sample taken for one’s follicular test; you might wonder what happens in cases of baldness or short hair Laboratory experts are authorized to take out samples from any hairy part of the body. In instances where body hairs are taken as samples, it is always wise to have done a permanent urine and blood detox to be sure of negative results. If you are wondering how long does weed stay in your hair it would be wrong not to consider your body hair as part of the hair that can be examinable. One should never assume that body hair follicles do not absorb as much as THC as head hair.

How many periods of weed usage do body hair show?

Hair from the under arms, chest, and beard in most cases is taken as samples from the body hair in case one is cancerous with a bald head or just bald by choice. Some claim that half an inch of body hair retains the drug for a longer period since its growth rate is slower compared to that of the head. The fact is that the growth rate of the two different hairs is the same, the only difference is that the body hair is much soft than the head hair and is usually scarce, otherwise nothing much in the results if both hairs were to be tested for weed usage.

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