What are the Saliva Drug Test Detection Times

Saliva Drug Test Detection TimesWhat are the Saliva Drug Test Detection Times. Saliva drug tests are becoming more and more common in various spheres of society today. This is compared to urine drug tests for example. Saliva tests are not just cheaper; but they have great accuracy as well. In addition, administration is pretty easy and they can be utilized at any place even on the go. Another great reason why these tests are becoming popular is their detection times. Unlike urine drugs tests, getting the results with a saliva test will take a much shorter time. This article delves into these detection times and other relevant elements.

Saliva drug test detection times

Drug tests using saliva are mainly undertaken by legal bodies as well as employers. This works to control and deter drug abuse which is against the law. Saliva tests as hinted to above will have relatively shorter detection times. Overall, different drugs will have different detection times. The saliva test will therefore be used to test a wide range of drugs. They include cocaine, opiates, marijuana, methadone, amphetamines, methamphetamine and many more. It is worth noting that there are test kits that will have the ability to test more drugs than others. In this regard, you have to know what an individual kit tests for to be sure about the detection time for the drug tested.

In general however, the following is a list of detection times for various drugs. Cocaine can be detected in your system for 1 day and in this respect, the saliva test will be effective within 24 hours of using the drug. Marijuana can be detected 12 to 24 hours after using the saliva test. Those testing for opiates will be glad to know that 2 to 3 days is the window available for testing the drugs. Methamphetamine can be detected from 2 to 4 days. A saliva test for alcohol will be relevant for 6 to 12 hours.

When can you expect a saliva drug test

Some people are usually caught unaware when impromptu drug tests are administered. If you are looking for a new job, do not be surprised to take a drug test. For those who are employed, employers will often take random tests to ensure that there is no drug use in the company. Some employees can take tests right after long leaves. When it comes to law enforcement, you can be flagged down and asked to take a test by an officer of the law. In this case, you must always be ready for a test; especially if you are a drug user.

How the test is administered

The saliva drug test is the easiest when it comes to administration. The process is very quick and can be done by anybody. It will involve taking a mouth swab. The swab pretty much looks like a toothbrush. It is placed in your cheek to ensure that some saliva is absorbed. It will only take a few minutes to know whether the results are positive or negative. It is hard to believe that this quick simple test is very effective; and below are some of the reasons why it is highly accurate.

Why this test is effective

The saliva drug test is highly effective when the test is done within the detection window of the relevant drug or drugs. If proper administration is undertaken, the accuracy will be boosted as well. Some people will swab the wrong way and this can alter the results of the test. It is also good to consider the quality of the swab used; and when it is good enough, the accuracy will be promoted. There are many ways used by people to go around this test. This means that people can employ various tricks to cheat in this respect. However, the most effective way to ensure accuracy is to offer this test at random. When people are not expecting it, they will not have any time to manipulate the result. This is the main reason why the accuracy of the test is highly reliable.

Can you go around the test?

When the saliva drug test is administered randomly, there is really nothing much you can do. However, if you choose to keep your system clean from drugs, you will be sure to escape the test with a negative result. Testing positive can have dire consequences and many people have lost their jobs this way. When it comes to law enforcement, those found culpable can lose their license or even be charged for drug use.

Keep in mind that the test will have immediate results within minutes. Some brands are more powerful than others and depending on the test you get, you can be sure that the results will have fast implications. Therefore, if you use marijuana, opiates, alcohol, benzodiazepines and many others; you are likely to get caught.

Tips to pass the test

Because Saliva Drug Test Detection Times come with a short window, knowing in advance that you are going to take a test is the only way to help you pass the test; if you have something to hide. Look closely at the detection times to make sure you do not use drugs in that period. However, to be on a safer side, try eating fatty foods before the test. Lots of water can also play a part in helping you flush out the drug residue in your mouth. Chewing gum and using a good mouthwash can also help you clean out your mouth.

If you happen to fail a saliva test, it might be wise to accept your fate without causing undue drama. Some people will insist on having a urine test to confirm. This can buy some time to flush out drugs from your body. All in all, prevention is better than cure and taking necessary precaution to avoid this mess is the way to go. For people who are not sure about which drugs are banned and those that are not, look at localized regulations in your area. Also, know what your alcohol limit is so that you are not caught unaware. If your workplace forbids the use of drugs, complying will save you the heartache and paying the ultimate price.

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